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Advance Praise for The Little Things

"Well-acted, well-written, and well-directed.  A very strong debut film."
-Tony R. Abrams, director of Pumpkin

“Brilliantly alternating between the blissful early moments of a budding relationship and the less savory state of mind that accompanies the temptation of infidelity, The Little Things is a romantically-charged meditation on the challenges of modern love that wonderfully captures the intimacy of casual social exchanges.”
-Jared Earley, The Philadelphia Film Festival

“This astonishing first film by writer-director Stephen Padilla promises to be the Manhattan of the first decade of the twenty-first century.  It tells us everything important about what it means to be 30 and educated in urban America today.  The film's verite quality only enhances its claims.  It is as though Padilla has simply taken his camera and made his way through actual lives, recording them without intervention.  It is a rare art that can come across with such genuine naturalness, as though these events have to unfold at just this pace, in just this way.”
-John Glavin, author of Dickens on Screen
The Little Things
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