Miranda is a teacher whose life with her boyfriend, Jace, is comfortable, if unsatisfying, until she meets Michael. Michael opens Miranda up to his world of intimacy, intensity and vulnerability, the likes of which she’s never before experienced, but always secretly desired. The only problem is that Michael is otherwise entangled in a relationship of his own. As Michael and Miranda begin to negotiate the complexities of their budding relationship, they are forced to deal with the realities of their individual circumstances. Will circumstance, timing and fear win out or will all the little things they share along the way add up in the end to something real, substantial and lasting?
The Little Things
Written and Directed 
Stephen Padilla

Sarah Megan Thomas
Adam D. Scheinman
Stacey Napoleone

Runtime: 90 Minutes

Genre: Drama

Country: USA

Language: English

Filming Location: New York

Color: Color

Sound: stereo

Completed with support from 
IFP Independent Filmmaker Labs
“The characters are well-drawn, and
the story is a tightly written
examination of twentysomethings’
search for personal equilibrium and relationships that resonate.”
-Chris Honoré, Ashland Daily Tidings
A character-rich portrait of life and love among
late twentysomethings in New York City.  
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